Please Remember in your Prayers

As we pray for all those affected by the impact of the coronavirus, please remember in your Prayers the following people:

Please remember Alba Cardozo, Larry's mother, who died in India this week.

The Duffy Family would like to thank everyone for their prayers, kind wishes, and cards. They are much appreciated at this time.

Because of current restrictions John's funeral will be a burial service, with family only present. We will celebrate a Requiem Mass later, as and when this becomes possible again.

"I spoke to Father Milburn (29th). He is ok, he has had an infection but tested negative for Covid-19, and is very much on the mend. His mind is as sharp as ever!
Good Night and God Bless from a very cloudy Forest Hall!"

"Our prayers are asked for the mother of two young teenage children who has had a recurrence of cancer. She had major surgery 18 months ago and all seemed well after further treatment. She has just received the awful news and the fact that, in the current situation, there are no further treatment options available to her. Needless to say, she and her family are devastated by this news and are in great need of our prayers."

Margaret the NHS worker we were asked to pray for earlier in the week is well on the way to recovery from the Corona Virus! Thank you for your prayers! God Bless!

"Very good news about my cousin Bernadette! Discharged from Sunderland Royal and is now in the Care and Rehab Centre in Houghton le Spring. Has no memory of how seriously ill she has been. She has received by post printed copies of all the emails, and is enormously thankful for all prayers said for her well being."

St. Mary of the Rosary, Forest Hall 

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